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Are you a performer? Enjoy all the benefits Adami can offer!

The advantages

Collect remuneration generated abroad

PICTO TERRE ASSOCIESFor several years now Adami has been signing reciprocal representation agreements with equivalent organisations in foreign countries. So far, Adami has signed 32 such agreements.

These agreements enable Adami members to receive the remuneration to which they are entitled by virtue of the exploitation of their recordings in foreign countries.

Obtain legal advice

Benefit from legal assistance in order to optimise negotiations with your partners in the live performance, audio and audiovisual sectors.

One of our intellectual property experts will answer your questions, review your contracts and guide you through the contract negotiation and drafting procedures.

Take part in your society's decision-making processes
  • Express your ideas and suggestions in the General Assembly
  • Have your say in collective decision-making by voting at General Meetings and in the Administrative Council’s elections
  • Stand for election to the society’s bodies

Adami members, each of whom holds one share in the society, participate in the running of their society by voting at the annual General Assembly and electing the members of the Administrative Council every three years. They can also stand for election to the Administrative Council and to the committees that allocate financial support to artistic projects.

Stay informed by receiving the Adami Letter

The Adami Letter is circulated to members three times a year and may be downloaded from “My account“.

Become an associate artist with a few clicks!

We decided to simplify the application. Now not to send paper through digital signature and follow your application from your personal space. Do not delay and get your application to enjoy the benefits reserved for members.

How to become an associate artist?

1 – Log in or  create your personal account 

2 – Complete your application for admission * from your personal space


* Only performers can perform an online application.