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11 May 2017
Voting results of the General Assembly of the Adami performers 2017
17 October 2016
Adami and Spedidam signed an agreement designed to bring the two companies closer together, strengthening and facilitating the collective management of rights in support of all performers.
10 October 2016
European artists and performers demand the implementation of an inalienable right to remuneration subject to collective management.
15 June 2016
Voting results of the general assembly of the Adami performers members took place Monday, June 13, 2016
9 June 2016
Adami will reveal the first figures from a report to be published in the autumn.
5 October 2015
Candidate application submissions on line are closed at 5.30pm on 5th October 2015 (Paris time)
4 March 2015
The ordinary general assembly of Adami's artists will be held Monday, June 15, 2015.
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